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White House “We The People” Petition

White House

The White House recently established the We The People petition website for citizens to express their concerns about our country.  Below is our petition.

We need 150 signatures in order for the petition to go live…we need 25,000 by February 13th in order to receive an official White House response.

Remember, our mission is to mainstream information literacy across the national landscape and beyond.  Your support of our petition will be most welcomed!

Please share the link information listed below  with your colleagues, friends, and neighbors!


Empower America’s Workforce, Insure America’s Future

The National Forum on Information Literacy strongly encourages a reexamination of the preparation of students and workers in acquiring the information and digital literacy abilities they need in order to succeed in school and the workplace.

All local, state, and federal stakeholders and policy makers need to co-invest in designing a national blueprint for the systemic integration of these foundational skill sets throughout our formal and informal teaching and learning infrastructures.

These lifelong learning skills provide the framework needed by all Americans to achieve academic, professional, civic, and personal success and to compete effectively in the 21st century global economy.


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