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Texas – The Lone Star State “Befriends” Information Literacy

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Texas BlueBonnet Source: © bombay2austin on Flickr


Friendship is the state motto for Texas and on August 30, 2012, Governor Rick Perry of Texas “befriended” the practice of information literacy by issuing an information literacy awareness proclamation.

The proclamation eloquently states that “…simply having information is not enough. We must also know what it means and how to use it. The ability to search for, find, decipher, analyze and synthesize different forms of information is key to effective decision-making. We must ensure that Texans, young and old,are equipped with the tools and skills to use information resources to think critically and creatively.

A “Giant” thank you to Donell Callender of  Texas Tech University, Ashlynn Kogut of  University of Houston – Clear Lake, and Theresa Hefner-Babb of Lamar University for leading this important effort in Texas!




Texas Proclamation, 2012







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