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Meet Barkley, Secret Service Dog, NFIL Honorary Mascot

 ” This secret service dog practices information literacy…no wonder Barkley is a super sleuth!” 


The National Forum on Information Literacy welcomes Barkley, Secret Service Dog as our first honorary mascot for National Information Literacy Awareness Month.  Barkley is the creation of H.K. Gilbert, author of children’s books and the Barkley, Secret Service Dog series and Co-creator, Misty Taggart.

Ms. Gilbert, a single parent, is a strong literacy advocate and understands the challenges of working and managing a household along with supporting your child’s educational endeavors.  She encourages every parent and/or guardian to carve out that “quality” time with their child…even if it is just 10 minutes a day and share the joy of reading with each other.

Provided below are Barkley’s information literacy tips that every family can integrate within any book and/or storyline during their special reading times.  Enhancing information literacy skills for children of all ages and their parents – even for the most digitally talented – can only enrich their future academic achievements and personal successes.  And there is a bonus – it also prepares them to be a good citizen, just like Barkley!

Information Literacy TipsAsk questions – Who, What, Where Why, and How • Follow the clues – Check out my resources • Solve the crime – Report to my handler, Agent Knox ( or Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Your Teacher)


Barkley’s New Book App on iTunes


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