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NFIL Media Kit

Press Releases,  Articles, and Presentations
about the National Forum on Information Literacy


National Information Literacy Proclamation Campaign, lead by Dr. Sharon A. Weiner, Professor of Library Science and W. Wayne Booker Chair in Information Literacy Purdue University Libraries.  As of October 1, 2012, 14 states have issued gubernatorial proclamations endorsing information literacy.


Governor Deval L. Patrick issues a gubernatorial proclamation establishing  October as Massachusetts Information Literacy Month.

National Forum on Information Literacy partners with ProLiteracy and 20 adult literacy organizations to promote USCAL, the inaugural U.S. conference on adult literacy  – Nov. 2-5 in Houston, Texas.


Weiner, Sharon A. and Jackman, Lana W. (2010). The National Forum on Information Literacy, Inc. College & Undergraduate Libraries, 17:1, 114—120.

April 30, 2009
Dr. Jackman presented the following workshop, Cultural Competence: Diversity’s Next Step, co-sponsored by BCALA –CT and CLA’s Mentoring Career Recruitment Committee at the annual meeting of Connecticut Librarian Association in New Haven, Connecticut.


August 21 – 23, 2008. Tallinn, Estonia. Reflections on the UNESCO TTT Workshop by Susan Andretta.

August 8-9, 2008 – Dr. Weiner was invited to attend the UNESCO/IFLA Training the Trainer Two Day Workshop in Information Literacy in Quebec City, Canada to give a report on information literacy activities in the USA.

2008 Australia Lifelong Learning Conference
June 16-19, 2008 – Dr. Jackman gave a keynote address, The National Forum on Information Literacy: Advocacy in Action, at the Central Queensland University’s Lifelong Learning conference in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia.

UNESCO – IFAP Training the Trainers in IL Opportunities
June, 2008

Information Literacy – Train the Trainer UNESCO Program, University of the West Indies
May, 2008 – Mona, Jamaica


ETS research finds college students fall short in demonstrating ICT literacy: National Policy Council to create national standards.”  By Irvin R. Katz.  C&RL News, January, 68(1).


Gen M showing tech blind spots.”  By Eric Stern.  Sacramento Bee online, Dec. 20.
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“Feature Story:  National ICT Literacy Policy Council to Determine National Standards for ICT Literacy.”  Heller Reports/Quality Education Data News Alert, Oct. 27, 2(21).

National ICT Literacy Policy Council to Determine National Standards for ICT Literacy” Oct. 24.

“Information Literacy ‘Core Issue’ for 21st Century.  By Sarah Sparks.  Education Daily, Oct. 18, 39(188):1.

“Students Lack ‘Information Literacy,’ Testing Service Study Finds.”  By Andrea L. Foster.  Chronicle of Higher Education, Oct. 17, 53(10):A36.

“Students Falter in Technological, Analytical Skills.”  By Sarah Sparks.  Education Daily, Oct. 17, 39(187):3.


Report on the High-Level International Colloquium on Information Literacy and Lifelong Learning


Gibson, Craig.  “Information Literacy Develops Globally: The Role of the National Forum on Information Literacy.” Knowledge Quest 32(4)”16-18.


Press Release on the Prague International Conference of Information Literacy Experts

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