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Library of Congress’ Teaching with Primary Sources Program

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The Library of Congress’ Teaching with Primary Sources Program provides educators with professional development and support for utilizing the Library of Congress’ rich online repository of primary sources within an instructional program and/or activity.

Using primary sources within instructional activities provides learners with exciting pathways to enrich their critical and creative thinking skills.  Primary sources provide educators with  interdisciplinary,  instructional opportunities to engage learners in understanding better the realities of the world in which they live.


Primary Sources are a tremendous asset in executing the Common Core state curriculum frameworks for all disciplines as well as developing interactive and engaging k-16 lesson plans.






The video below, courtesy of The Hartness Library YouTube page, will give a great introduction to the world of primary sources.

Click on the links below and investigate other interesting  NFIL/Library of Congress’ Teaching with Primary Sources features.




Robe De Mariée Balklänning Robe De Mariée Balklänning