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Calling All Information Literacy Aficionados!

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Dr. Sharon Weiner Purdue University Libraries

Dr. Sharon Weiner
Purdue University Libraries

NFIL Information Literacy Proclamation Campaign Project – Update: Information Literacy Aficionados Needed!

We’re making headway, we’re almost at the half way mark…and the Little Engine That Could  just keeps chugging right along.  So far, Governors in twenty-five states and one U.S. territory have issued Information Literacy Awareness Proclamations!

A  hardy congratulations to Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New York, Illinois, Texas, Oregon, Rhode Island, Alaska, Indiana, Maryland, Kentucky, Tennessee, Connecticut, Delaware, Virginia, Colorado, South Carolina, OhioMaine,  Nebraska, Iowa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands , Hawaii, Vermont, and Washington the leaders so far in accomplishing this project!

Another 17 states (AL, AZ, CA, DE, FL, GA, ID, KS, LA, NH, NJ, NM, OK, PA, UT, WY) and 2 territory (VI, Samoa) are working on drafts to submit.

You know, a 100% participate rate makes a definitive national policy statement on the importance of information literacy practice to the welfare of the American people.

So don’t hesitate to contact  Dr. Sharon Weiner, Professor and W. Wayne Booker Chair in Information Literacy at Purdue University Library, if your state is not on the above list of states and you would like to coordinate such a project. It is not very difficult or time-consuming, but it IS important!

Official recognition of the importance of information literacy in a state results in greater visibility for information literacy and libraries among critical decision-makers and funders of education and workforce development.

Natl Information Literacy Proclamation Project


















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