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Dr. Abdelfattah Nour

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Abdelfattah Nour, DVM, MS, Ph.D (Cornell University , USA), is Professor of Basic Medical Sciences at the Department of Basic Medical Sciences and was the Founding Director of International Programs In Veterinary Medicine (1994-May 1, 2009) at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA.  He has 24 years of experience in Interactive teaching/learning and e-learning of veterinary medical students, graduate (MS and Ph.D.) students, and Veterinary Technology, and other undergraduate students. In addition to his research in interactive learning, Professor Nour has been using innovative and creative teaching approaches ((concept mapping, problem-based learning (PBL), team-based learning (TBL), peer instruction, integration and application, internet-broadcasted lectures, web-based instruction, etc.))  that helped undergraduate, professional, and graduate students learn basic medical sciences.. He was an early adopter of new approaches in teaching, including development of interactive multimedia computer-based materials, contributing to cases to PBL, and pioneering adoption of TBL at Purdue. Professor Nour is adjunct professor at Benha University, Egypt. Dr. Nour was

a Fulbright Scholar (2004-2005). He has  served on  curriculum committees at Purdue and elsewhere, Purdue University Senate, advisor to two ministers of Agriculture in Sudan, member of Purdue University Globalization Task Force, member of Purdue’s Informatics Committee, Head Department at University of Gezira, Chairman of Food Security Committee (Central Region of Sudan),  to mention a few. Dr. Nour teaches his courses to help students acquire problem-solving, team work, critical thinking, and information literacy skills. He crafted a Wikipedia editing assignments to give students an opportunity to learn how to look for, access, evaluate, and ethically use information. He has been serving on the Purdue University Library Committee, and has fruitful collaboration with the library professor as evidenced by a manuscript published the World’s most respected Journal of Veterinary Medical Education:

Information-Seeking Behaviors of First-Semester Veterinary Medicine Students: A preliminary Report. Weiner, Sharon A, Stephens Gretchen, Nour,  A. Y. M.  2011 Journal of Veterinary Medical Education JVME 30(1):21-32.





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