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Colorado, An Information Literacy Pioneer

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Colorado’s information literacy community has long been advocates for mainstreaming information literacy practice throughout the state’s educational system.

Governor John W. Hickenlooper’s Literacy Proclamation does highlight the importance of traditional literacy as the foundation for the inclusion of 21st century skill building strategies and competencies within the teaching and learning spectrum.

As an evolving 21st century competency, information literacy represents a significant skill set that provides a key pathway to personal and professional success in today’s global economy.

Traditional literacy and information literacy are essential educational and workforce development tools that prepare learners and workers for the challenges of living and working in tomorrow’s digital universe.

“...through public awareness, the State of Colorado seeks to encourage citizens, employers, government agencies, and institutions to share the importance of a fully literate community for economic prosperity, social cohesion, educational opportunity, and an enhanced quality of life…”



Colorado Proclamation




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