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Barack H. Obama

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Barack H. Obama, President of the United States

In 2009, President Obama issued the first presidential proclamation establishing October as National Information Literacy Awareness Month.  This is the first, national public policy announcement that recognized the importance of information literacy skill development as critically beneficial to the economic and social welfare of the America people.

“…Over the past decade, we have seen a crisis of authenticity emerge…Our Nation’s educators and institutions of learning must be aware of — and adjust to — these new realities. In addition to the basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic, it is equally important that our students are given the tools required to take advantage of the information available to them. The ability to seek, find, and decipher information can be applied to countless life decisions, whether financial, medical, educational, or technical…

An informed and educated citizenry is essential to the functioning of our modern democratic society, and I encourage educational and community institutions across the country to help Americans find and evaluate the information they seek, in all its forms.”

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