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Anchorage Mayor Proclaims a First

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Mayor Dan Sullivan, Anchorage, Alaska

Mayoral proclamations touting the critical importance of information literacy in urban, rural, and/or suburban settings are rare.  So when the Mayor of Anchorage, Alaska, Dan Sullivan, issues an information literacy proclamation, mayors and citizens across the country need to take notice!

On the counsel of Deborah Mole, Professor of Library Science at the University of Alaska,  Mayor Dan Sullivan issued a mayoral proclamation establishing October, 2012 as Information Literacy Awareness Month in the city of Anchorage.

Mayor Sullivan’s proclamation particularly underscores the significance of information literacy practice to the educational, social, and economic welfare of the citizens in the Anchorage community.  Key statements in the proclamation address the following:

  • Knowing how to critically assess and integrate information is indispensable
  • Preparing individuals on how to find and use information ethically is essential to workforce success
  • Appreciating teachers and librarians who work collaboratively to ensure information literacy skill development
  • Educating and engaging citizens to know how to effectively use information resources to understand issues and current events
  • Supporting information literacy awareness is essential to a city’s prosperity, students’ education, and social well-being

These information literacy tenets apply to every city and town throughout America and should be observed accordingly.  Making information literacy a household word in terms of individual success and achievement is the mission of the National Forum on Information Literacy.

Thank you, Mayor Sullivan for taking that first step in recognizing the significance of this very worthwhile workforce and educational empowerment tool as central to the success of the citizens in the Anchorage community.


Anchorage Mayoral Proclamation 2012







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