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NFIL Champions for Information Literacy

The National Forum on Information Literacy’s mission is to mainstream information literacy practice at home and abroad.  In doing so, we recognize the importance of advocates, individuals who model  information literacy practice as fundamental to enriching the lives of those they serve.  Champions for  information literacy represent the catalytic perspectives needed to empower our educational and workforce infrastructures to resolve the challenges inherent in our emerging a 21st century information society.

We encourage you to let us know if any information literacy champions reside in your community.  Promoting information literacy means acknowledging those who do so…regardless of profession and/or occupation.

Send us a brief summary (500 words or less) why you think your candidate would make an excellent Champion for Information Literacy.  Please send your nominations to, with subject heading: Champions for Information Literacy candidate.

Robe De Mariée Balklänning Robe De Mariée Balklänning