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International Alliance

About the Alliance:
Upon a recommendation from the Prague Conference of Information Literacy Experts held September 20-23, 2003, the following organizations are committing to creating an International Alliance for Information Literacy. The evolving purpose for the Alliance is to facilitate the sharing of information and expertise on information literacy across regions and nations of the world. The ultimate goal of the Alliance is to facilitate people’s participating effectively in the Information Society, as part of the basic human right of life long learning. The Alliance will consist of organizations that act as nodes around the world. Member organizations will generally be regional or national organizations that are broadly based, including representation from the economic development, education, health, human services, librarianship, public policy, and information and communications technology sectors.

Dr. Lana Jackman, President/NFIL, Dr. Jesus Lau, Infolit Global, 2009

Founding Members
– the following founding members welcome new participants:

Australian and New Zealand Institute for Information Literacy (ANZIIL)

European Network on Information Literacy (EnIL) (European Union)

National Forum on Information Literacy/NFIL (United States)

NORDINFOlit (Scandinavia)

SCONUL Advisory Committee on Information Literacy (United Kingdom)

Additional Resources, Blogs, Programs, and Activities:

UNESCO’s information literacy Web site.

World Summit on the Information Society Forum 2010(WSIS)

International Information Literacy Research Network

National Information Literacy Framework (Scotland)

Alfabetización Informacional / Iberoamérica

Polish Information Literacy Blog

Information Literacy in Second Life

Journal of Information Literacy

Infolit Global Resource Directory

International Collegiate Information Literacy Invitational Contest 2010

Blog Foro Red – Alfabetización informacional

Welsh Information Literacy Project

Robe De Mariée Balklänning Robe De Mariée Balklänning