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A New Direction – Information Action Coalition

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In this LILAC 2014 video presentation, Paul G. Zurkowski, Esq., credited with coining the term information literacy in 1974,  proposes a “new” call to action – Action Literacy.  According to Zurkowski, Action Literacy attempts to bridge the gap between Academic Information Literacy and the general public’s need to be able to navigate what is commonly considered our information overload.

Zurkowski believes that the general public worldwide is in need of information literacy skills training so they can adequately respond to critical kitchen table issues such as job security, local community challenges, healthcare concerns, and educational reform.  “It is almost criminal that few people know how to mine the [information] overload for their personal needs, the golden nuggets of information to be found therein”.

He is also very concerned with the growing corruption, public mistrust, injustice, and inequity reflected in many of today’s democracies, a path strikingly reminiscent of the rise and fall of the democratic government of the ancient city-state of Athens i.e. the first, if not one of the very first democratic governments of “by the people”.

As a result, Mr. Zurkowski has established of an information action coalition dedicated to disseminating information literacy training worldwide.

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